Towers of Power- Final

For our Towers of Power final (Dorothy and Jasmine) we are working on a project called BREAK THE ICE.

BREAK THE ICE is intended to protect undocumented citizens from ICE raids, with the ultimate goal of keeping families together. In the political climate that we are living in right now, ICE raids are increasing in numbers and it’s imperative that we counter the actions in order to protect civil liberties. This project will be a great tool for activists working especially for this cause. We will be able to give them the data from the radio scans, enabling them to disseminate and ICE activity that is about to take place. We have a list of activist groups that will mostly benefit from this, including Cosecha, ICE- Free NY, New Sanctuary Movement, Juntos, and ACLU. We also want to collect data on raid activity for further


We will detect ICE raids through signal activity, meta data and speech detection using radio frequency scans. The chain of a events will start with the software that detects the signals, and then it will be demodulated by a Raspberry Pie. The data will then be passed onto a server, which will then trigger Twilio, sending a message to the users of the app. The signal we are demodulating will be P25 signal, which is usually in the 163.00000 frequency level.

This is the chain of events for our app.


This is what it looks like when we get the signal on gqrx. The signal is stronger in the morning, which is a great indicator of when the raids usually happen.


Our financial plan  consists of selling the Properly equipped Raspberry Pies that pick up the signal, to activists.

Also, we are counting on donations from various activist groups.








Week 1, Towers of Power

Built to Last’s first two chapters outlines the difference between good companies and visionary companies. Visionary companies stand the test of time through various elements. Although any company can have a great idea, it is being able to ebb and flow with various market changes, cultural changes, and technological changes that differentiate the good from the visionary. Visionary companies are interested in the long haul and understand that in order for this to occur, they must be flexible and malleable, without losing sight of their core ideology and statement of purpose. They have also demonstrated leadership in their respective fields, and have become standards to be strived for, not only the product itself, but the manner in which the company operates.

My list of Visionary Companies include Adidas, Fender, Electroharmonix, and Timberland.

Adidas is the largest sports manufacturer in Europe and second in the world.

Fender is a musical instrument company that completely revolutionized the way pop music is produced and consumed.

Electro-harmonix is also a musical instrument company that has made revolutionary contributions to music production.

Timberland is a shoe company that managed to stay relevant in pop culture with their classic work boot.


We also had to look for the IMSI and IMEI numbers on our cell phones. All that info is in our phone. We go to settings and look for the phone stats. These numbers make our phones unique, in the sense that they are sending and receiving unique information based on these numbers. That is how we differentiate between cell phones. They are IP addresses for our cell phone and its networks.