Always On, Always Connected Final

For my final in Always On, Always Connected I worked on my musical map of Latin America. Originally I intended to make an instrument, but a spontaneous drawing of Latin America in p5.js spawned the idea to make this piece. It has turned into the inspiration to my plans next year to go into an ethno-musicological study of Latin America using interactive means. What I set out to make is a visual library of beats/ educational music instrument, and I still have a lot to go in terms of functionality, but I think this is pretty strong prototype.




I set out to literally connect the dots between different beats in Latin America. What this means is to create a premodal frame of most of the beats, otherwise known as a study to find the distinct patterns between the beats, what they have in common, what they don’t have in common, and where they came from, i.e Africa, Europe, the Middle East.

I realized that in order to pull this off I would had to have all the beats and their rhythmic elements stemmed out or separated so I can create faders between different countries and able to measure what rhythmic element they actually had in common.

This is the interaction that I have for now. The beats themselves are samples of original recordings from their respective places. What I also wanted to accomplish was to have them play at the same beats per minute so that the beats can be faded in and out seamlessly, or together, depending on the functionality.



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