Making a New Material- Design as Strategy and Practice






This assignment ended up being one of the more challenging ones to tackle. I was blank for a few days before I can think of conceptualizing a NEW MATERIAL. I took a trip to the ITP junk shelf for some inspiration and realized how much techno garbage was there. My first instinct was to work with it.

I also value the properties of glue.  Glue is a metaphor, and that metaphor comes up in many instances, usually in artistic endeavors. It has the power to push two things together into one, cohesive entity. It was then that I decided to mix these two things together, glue and techno scrap. What came out is a glue brick, re enforced with techno scrap.

I added elmer’s glue, wood glue, blue and yellow acrylic paint and cut up pieces of techno scrap.

The glue is still a bit wet after a few days. I’m waiting for it to dry completely before taking it out of the tupperware.

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