Always On, Always Connected Midterm- Troubadour

For my Always On, Always Connected midterm I’m on a working on music interface. My inspiration came from being able to make a tool that I can use wherever I am to hash out new ideas, or even as a performing instrument in the long run.  I am using Nexus, a company that specializes in making interactive musical interfaces, and connected two keyboard interfaces with a 16 beat drum sequencer. I then connected tone.js to the keyboards, with the polysynth sound from the tone.js library. My goal is to connect all three interfaces with a common metronome so that all the interfaces can be played simultaneously.

My wireframes for Troubadour:



This is my Interface thus far:

The keyboards are functioning with sound from tone.j.s


Next steps:

  1. Putting drum sounds on the sequencer.
  2. Hooking  up a metronome to all three interfaces.
  3. Connect a looping function
  4. Connect a saving function






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