My relationship to Energy- Design as Strategy and Practice

My most obvious relationship to energy is through my relationship with music.  Music encompasses spiritual energy, electrical energy, and physical energy. The ability to receive music requires the ability to receive the nuances of its energy. It requires the ability to translate energy into emotion. When one receives that emotion, it is then translated back into an output energy that comes from the body. This is the birth of dance. The giving back of energy to the source, thus creating a circular relationship between giving and receiving.

As a musician, I don’t create when I’m happy. It has turned into a pattern in my life. When I’m happy I am preoccupied with being happy. When I feel anxious to create, I subconsciously destroy things in order to feel inspired to once again touch the drawing board. The tragedy of destruction turns into my muse. And it is only through the destruction that I can reflect on the happiness I threw away, and through the art, lament over how valuable my loss is.






My piece, titled Past, Present, Future reflects the path that I take as an artist through the process of creation. The past is written, the present, a jumble of emotions that eventually leads me to a future blank slate.  I take in energy, through experiences and people. I create conflict, and my conflict resolution is a mapping out of events, of looking both forward and backward. I then approach a new drawing board to recycle my emotions into music. On one side there is a tape full of music. It then unravels into the storm of present tense. I then work my way towards a blank cassette.






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