My garbage.


Most of my garbage this week was food container garbage. Even more specific, it was usually pizza or smoothie garbage. Also, plenty of coffee garbage as well. Can’t forget the sugar garbage to sustain long work hours, like chocolate chip cookies and m’n’ms. One observation: It was kind of gross to see how much pizza I ate this week.

I suppose I can start by bringing ┬áhome cooked food in containers, but that takes time, and time is what I usually don’t have. Maybe I can just bring a ceramic plate to the pizza place or try to buy things with minimal to no packaging. Pizza is more sustainable, though, as it comes in paper, and smoothies come in plastic. The irony is that the smoothie is better for my body, but not my environment in the long run.

There is also more waste that I used that isn’t pictured. Hygiene products, cigarette packaging, water when I brush my teeth and take a shower, just to name a few.








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