Piecing it Together- Midterm

For my Piecing it Together midterm I decided to build a guitar body. My only experience with guitars before this, besides playing them, was designing a semi hollow body guitar, as well as taking various solid body electrics apart with hopes of putting them back together. Most of the time I failed to put them back together properly.

I wanted to finally build a guitar from scratch (save for the neck.) I bought a used neck on ebay, as well as a chunk of basswood for the body of the guitar. My plans were to make an obtuse triangle guitar body, but when I received the body in the mail I quickly realized that the dimensions of the wood wouldn’t afford me the space to make it, but I still wanted something very angular.

I started sketching on paper first and then moved into Fusion 360 to do the final sketch. I went through 4 or 5 iterations/attempts on Fusion, and I was successful in making something I am proud of. I hit a wall, however, when it was time to create a dxf file to send it to the cam. I also had a hard time going into the cam mode in Fusion, primarily because the metric kept going to millimeters, even after I changed it to inches. I finally ended up making a sketch in Vectorworks, which is a harder tool than Fusion to design, but afforded me easier traffic between program to G code.

I used a 1/2 inch straight bit on basswood on the CNC. When the cut was done I realized I forgot to outline the neck pocket on the CAM. I changed the file, left the slab of wood on the CNC and decided to recut it. Big Mistake. I made sure to readjust the X Y and Z coordinates to the proper 0 position but it ended up being off by a hair. The result is that once the router started its path it started chipping away at the bottom corner of the guitar, eventually destroying the whole tip of it. It also cut through some of the body, which made my dimensions smaller, a consequence that really effected the neck pocket size.  I decided to cut the tip off on the circular saw and sand away the difference of the edges.  The result is not exactly what I hoped for, but I managed to save it. The neck pocket can be sanded down to fit the neck better, but I plan on cutting another piece of wood again anyway.


 Original Sketch by hand.

Fusion 360 Sketch.

Vectorworks Final Sketch.

 18 x 14 x 1.75 Basswood on the CNC













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