Box/ Pen Holder- Piecing it Together

Dimos and I started off with a very rough prototype made out of cardboard. Our main challenge was getting a good fit on the slots of the vertical panels that line the outer shell, as well as getting a good angle on the bottom of the panels, so the box could have stability.


We then drew all the 2-d pieces on Illustrator. Again, the main challenge here was getting those slit measurements right, and it took a few tries in the laser printer to get it right. They were either too tight or too loose. Finally, we opted for the looser fit as it gave more flexibility in putting the box together.


This is what we used to cut all the pieces on the laser cutter.

The main challenge of using the laser cutter was to get the speed levels right. The wood kept catching fire, so we kept bumping up the speed and finally, after three rotations, the wood finally cut through.

On the laser cutter we used these numbers:

Frequency= 50

Speed= 25-35

Power= 100


This is the final product:

We used hot glue to stick the panels together, which ended up being a double edge because of the same reason, how fast it dried. Some of the angles of the panels could be more accurate, and that was a direct consequence of poor planning in the assembly process. I am very happy with the design, however. The sphere shape, combined with the modular design gives the piece an organic, yet modern feel.



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