P comp #3 (Interactive Technology)

Interactive Technology Piece:   Elevator Buttons



This seemingly straightforward interactive installment is our daily teleporting function onto the 4th floor.  We get on the elevator, we pick the floor number that we want to go to, we push the button of the floor number and..voila, we get to our desired floor.

But actually..

I see a few downfalls with the organization of the buttons. In fact, the reason why I chose to use this is because on the elevator.. thinking about what I was going to do this piece on, there were two people on the elevator with me. One of them expressed a bit of frustration after pressing one of the key holes instead of the buttons for their floor and immediately said to their friend, ” I always press that instead of the button.”

I would reorganize these buttons. First, the spacing between the buttons and the keyholes are the exact same spacing from one row of buttons to the other row of buttons. Why do the keyholes have to be so close to the buttons? ( especially the odd button numbers, which are RIGHT next to the keyholes) Why do they have to be in rows that are similar to the buttons?

Second, I understand the intended intuitive design of putting the buttons vertically, but I really think that with 12 floors to account for, we could have horizontal rows, which are much easier to read, instead of vertical, bottom to top rows. This would also create an opportunity to make the horizontal rows a bit closer to an average eye level, which would make it easier to maintain posture in an elevator that tends to get a bit cramped instead of bending down slightly to find your floor.  The vertical lines also insinuate some sort of continuity, but the numbers go horizontal.. That makes no sense. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I still fumble a bit to find 4th floor.

Also,  the  OPEN and CLOSE and EMERGENCY buttons could be distinguished a little differently, instead of making them blend in with the floor buttons. You can color code them, you can make them bigger, you can make them a different shape, whatever you want. But why are they the SAME as the floor buttons?T hey do not take care of the same function. They should be different.

It seems the main concern on this design was symmetry, not easy use. Does it really matter what the elevator buttons look like? I’m just trying to get on my floor!


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